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CBD Water

  • Better for you, Better for the Planet

2 Great options.

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Our Key values.

Transparency is key

Did you ever wonder where your drink is produced? We are clear on where we source our raw materials, how they are produced and which quality standards are used. Our active ingredients are sourced in Europe against the highest quality standards.

Clean and pure

We use only pharma grade active ingredients. The quality we use is the same quality as used in medical nutrition. So you can be use about the highest quality ingredients, without contaminants. Ask yourself the question, which brand you would choose.


We are convinced that plant based drinks are the drink of choice. Why would you use a protein drink, based on animal protein, if there is a superior plant based alternative. Both our EAA (essential amino acid drink) and the CBD water are 100% vegan.

Functional drinks

We focus on providing you drinks which are better for you. Better for you after sport, better for you as vegan protein supplement, better for you to relax. Check the website for more information on these topics. We only used active ingredients which have proven efficacy.

functional drinks that fit you

We can offer you 2 great options, both focussing on your specific needs. Weather you want a CBD water to relax your muscles, or an essential amino acid drink, to support muscle growth, we can provide this. Plantbased, clean and pure, as sustainable as possible. Check our website and feel free to contact us for more information. 

EAA drink

  • Ginger Prickly Pear
  • 3300 mg EAA's
  • Natural Aromas
  • With B vitamins (B12)

Great tasting Functional Drinks

  • Better for you
  • Plant based
  • The sustainable option
  • You know what you get

CBD water

  • Lemongrass Ginger
  • 10 mg CBD oil
  • No sugar added
  • Clean and Pure

Frequently asked questions

Most raw materials are agri commodities and you can never be sure about their origin, or their purity. Please bear in mind that most amino acids are used in animal feed, so if your supplier does not communicate on the origin of your amino acids, there is a chance you end up with feed grade amino acids. These feed grade amino acids can contain fermentation residues, herbicides, pesticides, endotoxins and exotoxins. In the worst of cases you can also find GMO particles of micro organisms.  We want to supply you with the best possible quality available. 

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. You need protein in your diet to sustain your physiological processes. Without them, a your body, or any organism, cannot survive, so we need to make sure we get them in. Proteins consist out of two types of amino acids, essential and non essential amino acids. You can produce non essential amino acids in your body, so these do not need to be in your diet. On the other hand, essential amino needs to be present in your diet. So make sure you take enough essential amino acids, especially when you consume a plant based, or vegetarian diet.  

Canabis is know for its relaxing effect. CBD oil is already available in drugstores and is used widely in the US. The main effect of CBD water is that is relaxes your muscles and joints. So if you take a TRANZ CBD water after sport, you will feel that it will relax your muscles and your entire system. You can even take a TRANZ CBD water after a days hard work, to relax and feel great.  

TRANZ is the most sustainable option in protein and amino acid nutrition. With TRANZ you get exactly the essential amino acids you need, according to World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines, in a highly soluble form. It is readily available for you. Next to this it is all plant based and you do not need the bulk of the other amino acids, for which you do not have a specific requirement. It is all plant based, what you need without the load of dispensable amino acids.  less is more in this case. 

Yes, TRANZ EAA is the perfect plant based alternative for a whey shake. If you prefer plant based food choices over animal based proteins, TRANZ is a great alternative. One can of TRANZ EAA has a similar effect on muscle growth as a whey shake of 20 g. Why take a whey shake, if the essential amino acids are the only component that supports muscle growth. 

TRANZ is a new Brand for clean and pure functional drinks.  Contact Us

Our clients say

This is a great tasting EAA drink, love to take it after sports. As I prefer plant based options, this is the ideal product for me. Love it.
Sarah Brown
I tried TRANZ CBD out of curiosity. It has the taste Lemongrass ginger, and i could not imagine how that would taste. The taste was great, very subtle and special, very nice. Furthermore I like the effect of CBD on my muscles after sport. I have less sore muscles and joints.
Julia Hall
The CBD water is great. I like the crisp and aromatic taste of it. I really feel relaxed after a CBD drinks. I also have less sore muscles after sports with TRANZ CBD water
Jason Angus
I was looking for a sustainable plant based alternative for my whey shakes. I came across TRANZ and they nailed it. Great taste and it is the most sustainable way to support your muscles.
frank sanders