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Feel great, feel relaxed

The beneficial effect of Cannabis is know for a long time. It is used for ages already in various medical applications. Currently a lot of research is done on Cannabis related to pain killing, nausea, joint health and as product to make you feel more relaxed. The basis for TRANZ is water and plants. And this is also how we have developed TRANZ CBD water. Water, with clean and pure CBD actives and some aromas, to create a great tasting relaxing functional drinks. In all that we to we focus on getting the best possible plant based functional drinks to you. And in addition to this, we created a great tasting drink.  As all TRANZ drinks, we you can be sure that TRANZ  CBD is based on the following principles. 


  • Plant Based
  • Sustainable
  • Clean and Pure
  • Pharma grade actives


The typical dose for a CBD product is  10 mg per unit. This is also what we have used in TRANZ CBD. Next to the active we use natural aromas, and we add no sugar to our product. 

Transparency on sourcing

The market is flooded with CBD products at the moment. The question is, which is the right product for you? We have sourced our CBD actives from Spain at a company specialised in pharma grade CBD. They supply the best possible CBD oil, that also meets the regulatory requirements. For our aromas we rely on a supplier from Switzerland, to ensure the best possible aromas.

Clean and pure

As in our essential amino acid drink we only use pharma grade active components. Since the CBD is produced by using very small parts of the plants, we have a blend of cannabidiol components in our product. The entire process is water based, so you will not find any solvents in TRANZ CBD. What is further not in our product is THC. You can be sure you only get Cannabidiol in TRANZ CBD, without any intoxicating components.

Plant based and sustainable

Plant are the source for many active components in our nutrition. The same applies to TRANZ CBD water. Just water and plant parts are used in this product, so you do not need to worry about any non plant based contaminants in this product. TRANZ is also very sustainable, since you do not need a lot of product to get to 10 mg CBD. Furthermore the processing is limited to milling.

TRANZ cbd after sports.

Your muscles and joints are stressed after training. Especially after a workout, or a match, your muscles can use some relaxation. TRANZ CBD helps to reduce sore muscles after sports. The national academy of sciences as done a meta-analyses on the effect of cannabidiol after sport. The conclusion was very clear, it helps to reduce sore muscles after a good training. Please check our Science Page for more details.

tranz CBD water.
transparent, pure, sustainable.

TRANZ is transparent on how we work and what we do. This is why we share knowledge on what we on on cannabidiol and its applications. Since we have a wealth of experience in the pharmaceutical and medical nutrition sector, we know the importance of quality. We will never compromise on quality and will thus use only pharmaceutical grade active ingredients.  Since you cannot detect the difference, we will make sure you get the best possible active ingredients which are available. They are all clean and pure, plant based and as sustainable as possible.  Furthermore we made sure it tastes well, so check the webshop and try it. 

Great Taste

  • Lemongrass
  • Ginger
  • Suger free
  • No artificial flavoring

A Functional Drink

  • 10 mg CBD per can
  • To relax joints and muscles
  • Clean and Pure
  • No THC


  • Plant based
  • Water based processing
  • Plant particles
  • No solvents or residues

Frequently asked questions

No, TRANZ CBD water does not contain any detectable level of THC.  Since we use a special variety of the Hemp plant, we do not have THC in our TRANZ. This is one of the advantages in the way we work; since we work with specialised suppliers using a specific variety of the Hemp plant.  

Yes, TRANZ  CBD is legal to use in most countries of the EU. Still some countries like the UK and France have strict regulations on the use of  cannabidiol, but in Scandinavia, and most East European countries, it is free to us.  BCD products are also sold in many drugstores. 

You can order in the webshop and we are gearing up the production. We have the first batches produced on a small scale to test the market and we are now gearing up. Furthermore we focus on the specialised retail shops, focused on health food and nutrition. You will not find us in discount shops, that does not fit our quality and marketing strategy.  Please bear in mind that this is not for children under the age of 16 and pregant woman. Cannabidiol is a pharmaceutically active component. 

TRANZ is best used just after an activity. This can be a training session in the fitness center, or after a sport match, or after a training session with your personal trainer. It will help in preventing delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS), this is well documented and demonstrated. 

Yes,  you can. It will help you to relax. But please bear in mind to limit your daily intake to 2 cans of TRANZ CBD water.  

TRANZ is a new Brand for clean and pure functional drinks.  Contact Us

What do our clients say ?

After Sport
It is great to take a TRANZ CBD after sport My muscles and joints are less sore the day after. Gives me more confidence to keep on exercising and going to the gym.
Cary simons
After a busy day.
For me TRANZ CBD is ideal to take after a busy day. It is a very convenient way to relax.
after a training session at the GYM
I hate it when my muscles are sore the day after a work out. With TRANZ CBD I feel much more relaxed and my muscles are much less stressed the day after. Works great for my.
lucas Bailey
Just after sports
Work great after sports for me. TRANZ CBD tastes great.
simon green