Plant Based Essential Amino Acid Drink, EAA. 6 Pack


TRANZ EAA is the best alternative to whey proteins, it is even better and more sustainable.   We do not think that whey proteins are sustainable and therefore we have developed TRANZ essential amino acid drink. We are convinced that TRANZ essential amino acids drink is more effective and more sustainable than any activity drink on the market. The main reasons to take an essential amino acid drink: 

  • Plant Based
  • Sustainable
  • Clean and Pure
  • Pharma grade actives

And…. they taste great.

TRANZ EAA, Ginger Prickly Pear.

TRANZ is transparent, plant based and sustainable

Plant Based Essential Amino Acid Drink.  (EAA)

Plant Based Essential amino acids (EAA) are amino acids that your body cannot produce itself.  Because you need to get this in via your nutrition. However this does not only apply to humans, it applies to all ‘monogastric’ creatures.  And it even applies to cows and sheep, so they get the essential amino acids from the microbes in their rumen. Since all animals need to get their Plant based essential amino acids from external sources. This premisses leads to the conclusion that all essential amino acids are originated from plants, if you track it back. This makes animal a mere vector for essential amino acids, so not a source of amino acids, what a lot of people want us to believe. It is like energy, for example.  This is not a energy source, but an energy vector.

The sustainable Essential Amino Acid Drink

With TRANZ essential amino acid drink, we cut out the entire animal protein supply chain. We ferment  essential amino acids and put them in a tasty drink. So we skip the entire animal protein accumulation process to get to the best possible solution for your protein nutrition. This is much more sustainable that any animal protein source available. We cut out the production of animal feed, the farming process, slaughtering the animals and selling meat  in supermarket.

Proteins triggers your muscle growth. 

The effect of proteins, or even better plant based amino acids, is know for a long time to support muscle growth. The best way to support muscle growth are anabolic steroid (yes this is true) . Furthermore,  the best legal way to support your muscles is to take extra plant based essential amino acids. So this is the best way to  support muscle growth after activity, or after a sports match. Make sure you take good care of yourself.

So TRANZ EAA is the most sustainable way to get your proteins in,

Or even better your plant based essential amino acids, the ones you get from TRANZ.

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Weight 375 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 15 cm


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