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The science behind our products

At TRANZ we have a legacy. We have a background in the pharmaceutical industry  and in medical nutrition. Nutritional concepts in medical nutrition are used in our TRANZ products. In this way we can provide you with the best nutritional concept with the best possible active ingredients. In this page we will go into the details and the latest developments in nutrition and innovative plant based  functional drinks. 

FActs and figures on essential amino acids

Essential amino acids (EAA) are amino acids that your body cannot produce itself. As a consequence,  you need to get this in via your nutrition. This does not only apply to humans, it applies to all ‘monogastric’ creatures.  It even applies to cows and sheep, they get the essential amino acids from the microbes in their rum. As a consequence, all animals need to get their EAA from external sources. This premisses leads to the conclusion that all essential amino acids are originated from plants, if you track it back. This makes animal a mere vector for essential amino acids, not a source of amino acids, what a lot of people want us to believe. It is like electricity. This is not a energy source, but an energy vector. 

With TRANZ essential amino acid drink, we cut out the entire animal protein supply chain. We ferment  essential amino acids and put them in a taste drink. We skip the entire animal protein accumulation process to get to the best possible solution for your protein nutrition. 

This is much more sustainable that any animal protein source available. We cut out the production of animal feed, the farming process, slaughtering the animals and selling meat  in supermarket. 

So TRANZ EAA is the most sustainable way to get your proteins in. 

20 g whey is a kind of golden standard to take after a sports or a training session to boost your muscles. The big question is, how much essential amino acids do you need to take to have a similar effect on muscle growth. The result can be seen in the graph below.

As you can see the effect of 3 g Essential Amino Acids on muscle protein syntheses is as least as big as the effect of 20 g whey.  Source: Bukhari et al, Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab, 2015

The essential amino acids in TRANZ are a crystalyne version of amino acids and they dissolve easily, especially in a acid environment.  The amino acid are readily absorbed in the intestine,  like glucose and alcohol. They go close to directly into the bloodstream.  This is different for  whey protein and completely different for plant proteins. These large molecules need to be broken down before they can enter the body. This creates a significant loss in the availability of the essential amino in whey.  Furthermore only about 45% of the amino acids  are essential in whey.  

There is a huge loss of amino acids from foodstuffs before they end up in your muscles. Daniel Tomé of INRA  has done extensive research on this. This is shown in the following graph.


As you can see, only 2 grams, or 10 % of the amino acids ingested ends up in the muscles. This means that less than 1 gram of EAA’s will end up in your muscles. It is clear that TRANZ EAA is a much more effective way to get EAA to your muscles. 

Food proteins need to travel a long way before they end up in your muscles. Without going into all the details, we will simply list the steps and the processes food proteins need to undergo before they end up in your muscles, where they are supposed to be.  These are steps a food protein needs to go though before it ens up in your muscle.

  1. Not all protein gets digested. So out of every 10 g op protein you consume not more than 9 g ( in the case of  animal proteins) or 7 to 8 grams will become available to pass the ‘gut barrier’. This means a loss upto 25%. 
  2. The proteins (large complex molucules) need to be digested and thus cut up in small pieces (peptides). This will also lead to a loss.
  3. The proteins need to pass the gut barrier (the so called splanchnic tissue).  Again you loose 5-10% of your protein volume.
  4. The proteins, peptides and amino acids (there they are..) will need to pass the liver. Here a large part is already used for ‘maintenance processes’ such as conversion to neurotransmitters or to replace gut tissue. Again, a significant loss. 
  5. After this complex process, the amino acids get into your bloodstream to build muscles. No wonder, this is not a very efficient process.
  6. It is clear that essential amino acids drinks are much more effective to get  amino acids into your bloodstream to support muscle growth. 

The concept of TRANZ is  that you have all the essential amino acids available in your bloodstream at the same time at the required level. The anabolic effect of essential amino acids is very well known and you need to have Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine available at the same time, to get your muscles growing. At the same time you also need the other EAA, because if you lack 1 EAA, the entire process will be hampered. You need 9 essential amino acids in your blood, at the same time, at the required level to have an optimal result on your muscle growth. 

FActs and figures on canabidiol

There is a lot of debate on cannabis products in the market.  At the same time, cannabis products are used on a large scale in various market and a lot of different applications. Our source of cannabidiol is based on small particles of the plant, a way of using hemp plants, which was used for ages.  This results in high levels of CBD, without having too high levels of THC in our TRANZ.  In this way we meet the legal requirements THC below 0,02 % THC in the raw material used in TRANZ CBD water.  

One of the challenges with TRANZ was getting high CBD levels with low THC levels, while using entire parts of the plant.  From a legal perspective this way of working is preferred over extraction or other processing methods to extract cannabidiol.  Our supplier has solved this by using a special strain of hemp plants which have a natural low level of THC.  

As with all new products, TRANZ  CBD is in a market with a lot of new suppliers. We stand out from the crowd since our product is clean and pure.  Our CBD water is free from:

  • Solvents
  • Herbicides
  • Pesticides
  • Dioxines
  • PAC’s

We use only pharma grade raw materials and we can thus guarantee that our products are clean and pure, free from contaminants. 

As a rule of thumb, the right dose of cannabidiol is 10 mg per dose. This is also the amount of CBD which we have put in our TRANZ CBD. 

TRANZ is a new Brand for clean and pure functional drinks.  Contact Us

Clean and pure means to us...

Pharma grade raw materials are tested on more than 100 different impurities. The first check is of course the activity of the material (the purity; without purity , no GMP pharmaceutical qualification) . The main groups of contaminants which are can be found in nearly all agri commodities:
1. Endotoxins.
2. Exotoxins,
3. Dioxins.
4, Herbicides.
5. Pesticides.
6. PAC’s (polycyclic aromatic hydro carbons)
We will not go into the details of the various categories, but bear in mind that we are talking over more than 100 highly toxic components that can occur in standard raw materials

CBD the active component in hemp to relax

Hemp contains various active compounds, like THC and CBD. THC is not a active you want to have in a functional drink for its intoxicating effect. However, CBD is well perceive for its positive effect on muscles and joints. It is used on a increasing scale as an product to relax muscles and joints after sport. 


Amino acids are mainly used in animal nutriton.

The biggest market for amino acids is the animal feed market. The people in animal nutrition know how to make sure animal grow fast and build up muscle (or meat). One of the main goals is to balance the amino acids, so farm animals build up muscle as fast as possible. And you can be sure they know the science behind the build up of muscle tissue.  
So what is happening: we produce amino acids for animals to build muscle, and then we consume the meat. This is not a very efficient and sustainable approach. It is much better to use the amino acids in human nutrition.
The risk is that when you buy any origin amino acids, you can end up with feed grade amino acids, in a nice white jar. And you cannot tell the difference, unless you send it to a lab


as always.......


Clean and pure

plant based

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