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Getting started in functional plant based drinks. 

The fantastic idea

For some time i was working with amino acids in medical nutrition. It was a great market, with very complicated and very valuable products. At the same time, the market in sports nutrition was developing rapidly with all kinds of whey products and even in the sports market amino acid products were showing up. The idea popped up to set up a high quality essential amino acid drink. So with a strong local partner we started the new product development for a functional plant based drink with essential amino acids. (EAA). However we then bumped into the first big challenge…

Taste is a challenge. 

Yes, let us call things by the name.  Taste is a challenge. One of the essential amino acids in our drink is tryptophan.  It is bitter, it has an aftertaste, you do not consume that for your pleasure. So we got started with a sample of the essential amino acid mix and tried this as a powder. This nice white, free flowing powder had a bitter taste, and was not a good start for a nice functional drink. So what to do? We were in touch with 2 aroma suppliers and they were very friendly in providing us samples of their aromas with our amino acids. Well, the first batch was not great, but did give us the idea that we could create a drinks that would be well tasting. We also defined this as a knock out criterium, if the taste was bad we would not go to the market. 

What was the solution? 

After two test rounds we came up with a product that was really very nice. We even had the choice between 2 taste version, but we decided to go for the more trendy taste. This is why we brought Ginger Prickly Pear at first to the market. 

Do you want to try?

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Yes, we have friends! More and more people are embracing the essential amino acid concept to improve their nutrition. Of course, the main source of protein is a regular meal this should bring at least 80% of your requirements of amino acids. TRANZ EAA is simply better for you, to make sure you get the right essential amino acids in without taking a whole bulk load of non essential amino acids. When you get too much non essential amino acids, they will be used as energy source and not as building block. This is for sure the case if you are lacking essential amino acids. So taking extra essential amino acids is useful in a plant based diet (these are mostly quite low in essential amino acids) of when you do sports. In that case  you can always use some extra essential aminos. 

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